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It must be that they don't go for Ecke when they have Dietrich von Bern.

[This is Eliot Post, signing on for his weekly twin check! Annnnnd... he wins this round of vocabulary insult.]

Does anyone have any books I can borrow?

[Insert long, thoughtful pause here in which Eliot is considering how he should go about this. Then, just when you think the post would time out, he has one thing to add.]

Louis, do you have a minute?
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[The far side of the Temple, near the capybara pools. Eliot remembers it; he's even there in the early afternoon - the early bird gets the worm. Lily's not a worm, but the sentiment is not far off the mark. Oh, who's he kidding? He hasn't even opened his mouth and his foot is in it.

This evening's music lesson is going to be awesome, he can tell.

Meeting a girl on his own, no Fiona to pester him - no Julie to encourage him, or be the girl. But, he likes talking with Lily and promised to teach her a bit about music.

That explains why he is unpacking Lady Dawn from her case (he still can't believe she would one day become a guitar for him) and tuning her. Technically, Eliot has no training in this, but he knows how she is supposed to sound and that is guidance enough.

Content with the sound, he lays her back in the case, then pulls out the panpipes. And swallows with sudden nerves. Louis's performance echoes in his head, flawless and proud even a day later.

He should be letting Louis teach Lily. Eliot knows that with every ounce of brutal, self-deprecating honesty in his being. Why did he promise to do this again?

Because the music calls to him, even if his stomach is an insectarium of lepidopterian population. He wants to play and, maybe even play for people. It's expression and existence bundled into one.

So he stays over fleeing, waiting for his supposed pupil.]
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[Silence is golden, or the inevitable result when a fifteen year-old social recluse (by design, not choice) realises he might have a whole network of people listening to him.

But Eliot has been here a week and figures it is time to Do Something (tm) about.

And by that, he means find Fiona and there is only one way to lure his sister out: Competition.]

Being a leptotyphlops, I'm not surprised you missed the Call.

[He pauses to let that sink in.

When Fiona does not speak up and say that any serpentine deafness on her part can be blamed on exposure to his robustious bravurian desecrations, he readies another try.]

Or maybe it's because a cylindraspis peltastes can't move fast enough to beat me here.

[When she does not shoot back that his head would be harder than any tortoise shell, he gives up the round. That makes two points for Eliot in vocabulary insult, with her in absentia.]

Guess the lepus callotis wins in the end.

[That wasn't very challenging - he did not even have to stray from the animal category to win.]
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This is great!

[Morning, Vertiline. This is Eliot Post and he sounds excited. The term "deprived" can accurately sum up his material life up to this point - heavily censored books being an exception. So, suddenly having technology in his possession? It's Christmas! Without Cee's terrible fruitcake.]

I've never had a cell phone before. Is this a family benefit?

[There is a pause; the excitement is subdued.]

Is it allowed?

Though, the 106 rules aren't posted on the door here. Maybe she is going to relax them because we passed the trials.

[That is a genuinely hopeful Eliot now.]

Are all of you part of the League? Are we really in South America?

[You know, after the surprises of the last few weeks, waking up in a strange place, with strange people, and a strange phone... Eliot is just starting to equate 'strange' with 'family' - his assumption is that they came to get him for his 'congratulations for making Immortal Hero!' vacation. Fiona got one for being made a goddess, so it's only fair.]
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This is the place, these are the times!

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